The Build
                 In Stages


We had our Y62 in East Coast Customs for a week for stage 1 of our build. They completed the HBMC spring lift and some pacemaker headers and cats (tri-y's) mated to our existing catback exhaust!

Less cylinder pressure = more timing!

Which =

- More power

- More torque


All while using less fuel!! #winning

All done safely using UpRev, with 5 maps to choose from:

- 98 map

- 91 map

- Towing map

- Valet

- Security (car will not run)

All selected with our steering wheel buttons!

They used the mainline hub because it can’t be cheated....

Check out the video! You can not fudge the numbers...

What you see is what you get!

It takes tyres out of the equation (size/width/weight will all read differently) and gives you the most accurate power/torque reading, these are even consistent between dyno's.

2wd because believe it or not these things don't spend much time with the front wheels driving (and if they are driving they are at a fraction of what the rear is, not sapping much power at all) they are a dynamic transfer case and spend most of there time in 2wd and rarely go to 50:50 unless you are loosing traction in the wet!

Info credit: Zac Holbrook


We pulled the back seats out and installed the false floor. Below that is a 1500w inverter. 100Ah INVICTA lithium battery and a red arc dc-dc 40a charger.

Inside the left panel we have mounted the arb dual compressor running the airline to both airbag man suspension bags and also the outlet on the right has side panel.

The right hand side panel has the following:

- 1 x Solar Input

- 1 x Anderson Out

- 4 x fast charge USB

- 1 x 12v Cig

- 1 x air compressor outlet

- 1 x isolator for air compressor



We didn’t want a crazy drawer system as we are keeping an eye on weight so we installed a simple fridge slide and a free standing 900mm drawer. More than enough for what we need. Keeping it simple is what we were after.

We are waiting on the airbag man suspension wireless control kit so we can install in the front dash. This will allow us to inflate and deflate the bags from inside the car making life so much easier when not towing.


SNORKEL & SLIDERS - STAGE 3... But wait, theres more to come!


Yesterday we dropped off our Y62 to start the last stage of our rebuild on Stage 3!

After dropping the car off early to East Coast Customs, 30 mins after we left, it was announced that our region was going into a 3 day lockdown due to new Covid outbreaks in Brisbane!

The boys at East Coast Customs contacted us and advised they will be shutting at the end of the day & until they are allowed to reopen again (hopefully next week)!


So they had the car for just the day..

They put on our new Snorkel & the Sliders!!

We chose the FabWitz Industries Snorkel

& the Raslarr Engineering Sliders!


Brent was the lucky one and got to drive our Y62 home last night, let's just say he had some fun!


 The noise it makes now is just AMAZING!!!!! We are so happy!

Boys we can't thank you enough for getting done what you did yesterday under such pressure of only having it for the day!

See you next week for the rest of our Stage 3 completion!

Latest addition to stage 3 was the DASH BULLBAR & Ironman 4X4 winch. We also had the Airbag Man wireless control system installed in the front console. This can allow us to adjust our bags from within the cabin.

We are so happy with the look of it! The performance & the accessories we chose.

What’s next from here???


STAGE 4 - Yes I convinced Molly


34” tyres

And a Boat loader

And then she is complete!!!

It was worth every cent.


She is now a 4WD / towing machine (also waiting for my new sticker to arrive T.R.V Toyota Recovery Vehicle ... just kidding.... or am I?)


We will also be doing a full breakdown video of all the stages, rough costings, why we chose what we did etc etc. Be sure to watch out for that one!


Huge thanks again to the boys at East Coast Customs for all your hard work